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Cattle Ranching For Dummies

Raising Beef Cattle For Dummies 

A book is finally available for purchase, title is "Raising Beef Cattle for Dummies" and available at discounted price from Amazon.

      You may have reached this page by searching for "Cattle Ranching For Dummies" but that is only the title. We believe anyone who has "Ranching" in their vocabulary is automatically elevated  to a higher echelon.  On this website you will find lots of information about cattle ranching but we believe it should be more like "Cattle Ranching For Intellects" because in our opinion there is no better life than cattle ranching and once you get into it you will agree.

     "Cattle Ranching for Dummies" just don't seem to fit the experience one gains from being outside in the wide open spaces with the cattle. Where else can you find a better place to get away from the concrete jungles that are always littered with two legged creatures and gas guzzlers messing up the environment? No way my friend, "Cattle Ranching For Dummies" just don't fit.

     Now that we have that out of the way I invite you to enjoy an interesting and educational read about Beef Cattle Ranching. It is a little long but we believe it is well worth your time and you will find a lot of good information.

     Beef Cattle Ranching is a business that continues to grow around the world. There is definitely a demand for quality meat out there. Some of these ranches have been in families for generations. They proudly pass down their land and their knowledge in order to be a part of  it all. For others though, the idea of Beef Cattle Ranching is something they are brand new to.

     It may be a desire to make money, as there is plenty of it found when you raise quality cattle and then sell them for the meat. Many individuals just want to get away from the city and a hectic lifestyle. They find the country air refreshing and raising cattle to be a way for them to make a decent living.

     There is plenty that goes on behind the scenes though when it comes to Beef Cattle Ranching.  You don’t just turn the cows loose on your land, fatten them up, and then sell them for a profit. Learning more about what goes on with Beef Cattle Ranching can help you to decide if you should pursue it or not. It can also give the general public a good idea of why beef prices can change so often.

     Raising quality cattle is vital to the success of such ranching methods. The need to have more cattle is also there. This is why there are plans in place to get breeding done as effectively as possible. The males with the best genetic qualities are the ones allowed to mate with the females. The goal is to have at least one calf per female per season. Therefore, properly managing the heifers is part of the basis for making this work.

     A combination of natural reproduction and artificial insemination is used in Beef Cattle Ranching. Thanks to the technology we have today, we don’t have to rely solely upon nature to get the job done. Using a variety of tools, heifers can be successfully impregnated with the sperm of the bulls without the two being in contact with each other.

     Offering quality land and feed for the cattle is important to their overall development. The females will have healthier offspring when their own needs are met. In turn, the young will grow up to be healthy and to have their own quality offspring. The meat from well fed cattle is better and so there is a higher profit earned from them. 

     When reproduction is well managed, the rancher won’t have to spend profits to purchase replacement heifers. Yet that doesn’t mean there aren’t any expenses to cover. For example there is the cost of all the feed that the cattle will need for survival. Supplements can also be expensive but today they are a common part of the process.

     There is also the cost of routine care for the young cattle. Vaccinations can ensure they remain healthy. It can also prevent the spread of viruses that can kill large amounts of cattle. Should that occur, the financial security for a beef cattle rancher can be on shaky ground. Combination vaccines should be used when possible to cut down on costs. It will also cut down on the amount of time it takes for the young cattle to get immunized.

     In the past, reducing nursing time for the young has occurred on beef cattle ranches. However, studies show that this causes stress for the young. It can result in them not growing as large as they should during the first two years of life. The risk of serious health problems also increases.

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