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Raising Beef Cattle For Dummies

     Bulls need a quality diet in order to grow like they should and to produce enough sperm for the mating season. It is a good idea to keep young bulls away from the older and more experienced bulls. Otherwise it often will reduce the rate of their growth. It will also cause them to become fully mature later than they normally would.

     A diet that is carefully balanced for the needs of each bull is very important. Grain is a huge part of their diet and ensuring they make the right gains. On average, the bulls need to gain 2 pounds a day after they are weaned. This should continue until they are about 1,000 pounds. Monitoring growth will help to determine if the diet plan is working or if it needs to be modified.

     With the technology available for artificial insemination it is now possible to impregnate a large number of heifers with only a handful of bulls. This is a very cost effective part of successful Beef Cattle Ranching. Many agree that the overall quality of the genetics from the males is more important than the number of them available. The number of bulls to have on a beef cattle ranch is a personal decision though.

     Other than breeding season, it is important to keep the bulls away from the heifers. They should be separated by pens with no chance of being able to come into contact with each other. The use of a high voltage electrical fence may be necessary to give a strong message that they are to remain separated. Bulls can be very powerful and aggressive so you must teach them where they are to remain.

     The ongoing health of the bulls is just as important during the non breeding season as when they are mating. They need to have a quality diet, room to graze, and regular checkups. This will ensure they are ready to go at the peak of their game for the next mating season.

     Adequate food for the other cattle is very important to evaluate too. Today many cattle ranchers understand the importance of protecting their land. If the cattle consume it too close to the roots then the land may be useless in the future for grazing. This is why they often have sections in place. By rotating the areas where the cattle can graze, they give each area enough time to rejuvenate. Then the rancher can continue to use that land for grazing at different points in time.

     There are plenty of different growth strategies that a beef cattle rancher can implement. Having a great strategy in place is important because that is what will determine the quality of the cattle. It will also determine the longevity of the operation. Therefore the big picture needs to be evaluated – not just right now and how to make the most money in the market right now.

     The analysis of different types of feed need to be carefully reviewed. The type of environment where the cattle are grazing is part of the determining factors as well. Supplements can be used to help the heifers gain weight and to get the right balance of nutrition. Yet supplements can be very expensive so beef cattle ranchers want to use them only when necessary. Otherwise they are cutting deeply into their profits.

     Nature has a way of throwing things off course, so a beef cattle ranch has to be ready for them. When there is too much heat and a drought sets in there may not be enough food on the land. Then more supplements have to be offered in order to keep the herd healthy. Additional water needs to be in place too so that they can survive. The extra heat can reduce the chances of pregnancy for the heifers. It can also reduce the strength and the size of the young calves.

     The size of the herd of cattle on a ranch is another very important issue to take into consideration. Of course the available space for grazing and living quarters needs to be taken into consideration. There are areas where these animals are packed too closely together and they should have some breathing room. That will reduce their stress and help them to be very healthy animals.

     It is perfectly understandable that cattle ranchers will increase the number of the herd when prices for beef are high. This is a great method for making more money and keeping profits high. It can help them to have some funding put away for business expenses or when they have a bad season. There are many highs and lows with the beef cattle industry so being prepared is important.

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