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Raising Beef Cattle For Dummies

     When beef prices are low, it can be more cost effective for a cattle rancher to reduce the number in the herd. That way the cost of feed and other related expenses is less. They can tighten their belts and at least break even when they do sell their cattle for beef. When you are involved with this type of business, you have to stay focused on what is going on out there.

     Many beef cattle ranchers find it is easier for them if they just remain consistent with their herd number. They feel it will all balance out in the end – some years they will make lots of money, others they will make a little bit. They will see years when they break even and also some when they have spent more than they earned. Yet they are confident with proper management they will be successful in the long run.

     What is interesting though when you analyze data regarding cattle. You will notice that at the beginning and ending points of decade markers, the prices are higher. However, in the middle of the decades they seem to drop quite significantly. This type of pattern can help cattle ranchers to make decisions based on what is likely to occur with pricing in the future as well.

     When you have a herd of cattle, there are issues with health that need to be addressed. Should the cattle become ill, whatever is causing the problem could spread like a wildfire. It can be very expensive to take care of a large number of sick cattle. The illness may affect their ability to successfully breed in the future. In many instances, the illness may result in the death of a significant number of the cattle.

     As I mentioned, proper vaccinations are important when it comes to healthy cattle. While the cost of offering them can add up, you are walking a dangerous line if you have a beef cattle ranch and your animals aren’t vaccinated. That is the case with organic ranch animals and it is why the meat is so expensive. They have a higher mortality rate and need to sell for a much higher amount than regular commercial cattle in order for the beef cattle ranchers to make their money back.

     The government of the United States isn’t leaving it up to chance when it comes to viruses in the beef cattle industry. They have guidelines in place that need to be followed. This is why there are restrictions against imported cattle. That is also why they have feeding controls in place. The goal is to ensure the cattle are well cared for and that the people that will consume them aren’t at risk.

     An emergency plan of action should be in place in case you end up with sick cattle. They should be separated from those that are healthy. The isolation will help to prevent more from becoming ill. Keep in mind that with some types of viruses there are incubation periods. This means some cattle may not show symptoms of illness yet but they are going to in a few days. Careful observation is essential to keep the problem from getting out of control.

     There is no denying that the Beef Cattle Ranching industry is one that we rely on for a variety of needs. Most people around the world do eat beef that comes from cattle. To keep up with the demand, new methods of raising cattle so that the meat is delicious are introduced. At the same time, the goal is to raise production and to cut overhead expenses.

     The world of Beef Cattle Ranching has certainly changed over the course of time. It will be interesting to see what develops relating to it in the future. One thing is for certain though – consuming beef is going to continue. With policies in place for proper raising of the animals and safe processing there is less of a risk involved with consuming meat than in the past.

     There are some ethical issues that will always surround Beef Cattle Ranching. You do have those that refuse to eat foods that come from animals. They don’t feel it is right to raise cattle for the production of meat. They also don’t agree with the methods that are used to fatten up the cattle. Yet there are enough people out there willing to overlook those issues in order to have the meat they love to eat.

     For beef cattle ranchers, it is a way of life that they are fine tuning. They want to get the most out of their efforts. Being able to make money while living off the land and raising animals is very appealing to them. They can’t imagine doing anything else. Anyone who thinks this is an easy type of business to manage though needs to walk a mile in their shoes for a day.

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Raising Beef Cattle For Dummies


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