Domain Name Recommendations

Our Domain Name Recommendations

Tips to obtaining a workable Domain Name for online marketing of your cattle.

  1. My first choice is a Dot Com (.com), second choice is a Dot Net (.net), third choice is a Dot Org (.org) and beyond that I would look for a different name or description. Change the words around in your request; BritishWhiteCattle to BritishWhiteBeefCattle, etc.
  2. Try to obtain a domain name that tells what you are marketing. Some examples might be; BritishWhiteCattle, BritishWhiteBeefCattle, BritishWhites, BritishWhiteCows, RegisteredBritishWhiteCattle, etc.
  3. Try to obtain a domain name that tells where your marketing area is located. Some examples might be;,,, etc. I really don’t understand how but a search engine will easily decode any or all of these possibilities and direct the prospect to your website. Need an example, try Googling some or all of these search terms without the quote marks; Upper case or Lower case or any combination of Upper or Lower case letters is OK; “British White Cattle SD” or “British White Cattle in SD” or “British White Cattle South Dakota” or “British White Cattle in South Dakota” and most often you will get the same results. Abbreviations are decoded and unimportant words like in, of, the are ignored.

Because the main purpose of the search engines is to give their customer exactly what they are looking for or as close to it as possible I believe you should obtain a domain name that describes the what and where and then design your website to answer that what and where. It just seems to make sense that this will help your website rank high in the search engines. However, we must remember to be patient because on occasion it may take some search engines days, weeks or even months to list a new website. Kind of like trying to get your telephone number listed in the Telephone Directory after it has been published.

Buying Your Domain Name.