Domain Name

Obtaining Your Own Domain Name

You may find two chains of thought on how best to obtain your own domain name. 1)Obtain it in a package with your hosting service through the hosting service provider or; 2)Obtain it through a domain provider independent of a hosting service provider.

I recommend number 2 because if disaster strikes and you have the domain and hosting in different places you do not lose everything. Simple enough reason for me to keep mine separated.

I obtain my domain names through a domain name provider called Name Cheap. I have found their support service and ease of finding my way around on their website one of the best for several years. You can research the NameCheap Website by clicking on the image shown below and yes we will receive a small one time commission on your first purchase if you purchase through this link but your cost will be the same. If you want to bypass us getting a small commission just enter in a search engine and it will find them for you but please remember your cost will be the same.

When researching their website you might want to try to learn a little about DNS; short for “Domain Name Servers”,┬áit is the tool used to point your website to the server it is on for public viewing. This is a very simple process so don’t worry much about it at this time.

NameCheap also offers Hosting Service and based on my domain service it should be equally good. I have not personally used it; it is a service they added quite some time after I started using them for my domains.

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