Hosting Service

Securing Your Hosting Service

When you obtain or subscribe for your own Hosting Service it adds professionalism to your operation. In other words it has a way of saying “I am serious about this” as opposed to using a Free service that does not give off the same meaning. Subscribing for yearly service will also add more of the same and save you a few dollars. It is what I do and highly recommend.

There are many Hosting Service Providers available and you can find them through a search engine however I use and recommend Hostgator. I have used their service for many years and host multiple websites with them. If you enter the Hostgator site through the above link I will get a small first time commission and you will be eligible for a nice discount.  Or if you prefer to bypass me receiving a small commission just go to, either way your price will be the same. Pick the service and discount that looks best for you. If you happen to be buying at a time when their discount offers are below 25% I have arranged for a coupon that always offers 25%, just enter the coupon code, beefcattle25off to receive a 25% discount. This discount is good even if you do not buy through the above link.

Remember the discount is for new members therefore I recommend subscribing to the three year service as a new member if you can afford it. This will give you the least total cost for your website and prove to the search engines that you plan to be around for a while.

I also recommend starting with their lowest costing service and upgrade later if you ever need it.

This route to a DIY website should result in your total annual cost to be less than $100.00. At such a low cost to advertise how can anyone in the cattle business justify not having their own website.